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  • Time To Get Serious
    A slide show in the form of a ".pdf" depicting some of the earth's changes caused by Climate Change.

    Power Point Presentations

  • Unintended Consequences: The Lie that Killed Millions and Accelerated Climate Change
    Unintended Consequences explains why Climate Change demands that we increase the use of CO2-free nuclear power and drastically reduce our reliance of inefficient, environment-damaging, carbon-dependent wind and solar farms – and why our fear of minor amounts of radiation arose from a lie that became science dogma in the fifties.

  • The Green New Deal, but Green for Whom? This presentation exposes the many downsides to inefficient, resource-gobbling, environment-damaging wind and solar facilities.

  • A Matter of Degrees: Global Warming is Real!
    Drawing on experiences from traveling in the far north since 1967, Erickson, with unique photographs, lays out the increasing evidence that global warming is not only real, but is arriving at a faster than predicted pace. 50 minutes

  • True North: Exploring the Great Wilderness by Bush Plane
    Based on his best seller and 38 flights through the far North, his presentation is, in the words of many reviewers, "a joyous voyage of discovery through time and space, providing fascinating glimpses of Canada, Alaska, aeronautics, exploration and history via vivid photographs and stories told with humility and humor by a pilot with the capacity to dream, and the ability to make the dream come true. His 30-second closing delivered music-enhanced images that brought tears to my eyes." 60 minutes

  • Laughing at Death
    Different cultures and individuals cope with aging and death in different ways. Some ignore it. Others make jokes. In Laughing at Death, best-selling author George Erickson - the Grin Reaper - brings stories and quotes on death and aging from experts like Epicurus, Woody Allen and George Carlin that accompany 20 hilarious, revealing cartoons from the New Yorker magazine.

    On behalf of the Humanists of the Sarasota Bay Area, I wish to express our thanks for you excellent presentation. Your vignettes, quips, quotes, stories and cartoonsabout death were both entertaining and thought-provoking. From Miami to New York to Czechoslovakia, from the gates of heaven to the portals of hell, as well as including Santa Claus, funeral homes and golf clubs, you conveyed with humor a lighthearted sense of the unknown, which muted some of our fears. 50 minutes

  • Who are Your Heroes? Twenty years ago, during an appearance on a Baptist radio program when I was the president of the Minnesota Humanists, I was asked to name my heroes, and because I rarely thought in terms of heroes, I was taken aback. Now, I could probably name 100 who have made the world a better place, but if I were required to name just five, four men and one courageous woman would be my five. You have heard of all five, but Who are Your Heroes will provide the details of these amazing lives. 50 minutes.

  • Minnesota Seasons, Minnesota Critters and Ocean Acidification:
    The Climate Change Bomb that is Worse than Sea Level Rise

  • There's a Book in Me: How do I Get it Out?
    Want to write the great American novel, a short story or a maybe a memoir for friends and family. Speaking from experience, George will smooth your way, saving you time, money and frustration as he explains techniques, helps you with edits and gives advice on getting an agent and a publisher. Lastly, he reviews the advantages - and potential hazards to self-publishing. 50 minutes
For all presentations, including two that reveal the deadly, downside of windmills and our endangered oceans,, call 218-744-2003 or email tundracub7@gmail.com
The author donates all of his book profits to educational charities.
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